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DAP 18-46-0

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DAP 18-46-0

  • Diammonium Posphate (DAP) contents nitrogen and posphor which are substantial nutrition elements.
  • 100 kg of this fertilizer contents 18 kg. nitrogen and 46 kg. phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5). Therefore, it is used as phosphorous fertilizer.
  • Plants can use its phosphor and nitrogen as soon as the DAP fertilizer finds adequate humidity in soil as more than it’s 90% of phosphor content is soluble in water.
  • Helps plants get matured earlier.
  • Develops fertilization.
  • Support plants for rooth development.
  • Increase the metabolic efficiency of plants.
  • Plant growth deteriorates through lack of phosphor and it’s colour turns dark green.
  • Some plants, coloured purple or bronze through lack of phosphor.
  • Large part of phosphor is taken by plants at the beginning of their growth and save it in their body. Phosphor is transferred to seed or fruit towards end of the growth.
  • The nitrogen need of the plant should be taken from other types of fertilizers, such as CAN26% or AN33%, after it’s need of phosphor is supplied by DAP fertilizer.
  • Keep it out from fire and heat sources.
  • Store the packaged materials in piles. The height of the piles should not be more than 15 bags. Also, there should be grilles that can drift apart the bags from floor and there should be minimum 1 m distance between two piles.
  • The storage place should be dry and well-ventilated.
  • Do not smoke in storage place and do not use fire.
  • Keep the product away from direct sun light in order to avoid physical deterioration comes from heat.
  • Do not store the product in humid environment.
  • The storage doors should be kept close, especially where humudity and temperature difference between day and night is high.
  • Use gloves when handling long term.
  • Stricktly, do not store it in same place with urea.

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