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CAN %26

  • Soluble in soil and rapidly aborbed by the plant.
  • Does not leave any waste to soil because as plants can easily absorbe the ammonium and nitrate.
  • Has positive impact on soil for its phisical, chemical and biological conditions.
  • It does not cause PH change and loss of nitrogen.
  • It’s explosive characteristics has been removed by adding lime stone,  precipitated calcium carbonate, dolomite, clay.. etc during production phase. (Dolomite react considerably slower on soil in comprison with other materials. Therefore, lime stone application would be preferred as it can easily be absorbed by soil and result can be more effective.)
  • Particles are produced in prilled form in order to reduce the humudification and risk of blasting or explosion.
  • Can be used in any season when the agricultural activity is possible.
  • Directly effects the plants as a nutritional source, which helps crops to be rich and qulified.
  • Increase the benefit of various nutrition elements in soil.
  • Increase the efficiency of microorganisms which support the nutrition and growth of the plants.
  • Neutralise the toxic components which have organic and inorganic characteristics.
  • Regulate the acidity in acid reactive soil and satisfy the need for calcium.
  • Plants coloured in yellow and cannot complete its growth in absence of nitrogen.
  • First, bottom leafs start to become yellowish, later the colour becomes brown and then the plant dies if the nitrogen content is substantially low.
  • Calcium content play an active role for plants to blossom.  Young leafs start to turn yellow, then the leaf edges start to curl and lose its smoothness through lack of the calcium. This also damages the root system.
  • Keep it out from fire and heat sources.
  • Store the packaged materials in piles. The height of the piles should not be more than 15 bags. Also, there should be grilles that can drift apart the bags from floor and there should be minimum 1 m distance between two piles.
  • The storage place should be dry and well-ventilated.
  • Do not smoke in storage place and do not use fire.
  • Keep the product away from direct sun light in order to avoid physical deterioration comes from heat.
  • Do not store the product in humid environment.
  • The storage doors should be kept close, especially where humudity and temperature difference between day and night is high.
  • Use gloves when handling long term.
  • Stricktly, do not store it in same place with urea.

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